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We proudly offer you the most advanced body techniques on the planet!  With many years of practitioner experience behind us, we can confidently say that your experience with us will forever change how you think about the body and its health dynamics.

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*Please inquire about each practitioner’s individual consultation payment rates

QRA Comprehensive Analysis

Your QRA (Quantum Reflex Analysis) Practitioner will conduct a comprehensive QRA analysis. This includes an analysis of your specific organ/gland points and individual nutritional deficiencies. Based on this, you will received a personalized nutritional program featuring 100% quantum-state products. This session will also include an analysis of key blockages (called Interference Fields) that are disrupting the body’s meridian pathways. Your QRA practitioner will make specific recommendations for cation packing to clear these Interference fields. (1 to 1½ hours)

QRA Targeted Testing

You may wish to have a brief session during which only one specific health area is targeted such as digestive health, bone and joint health or immune health. If so, you may book a brief 30-minute targeted session. In this session, your practitioner will focus on testing one specific concern only and make nutritional and packing recommendations specifically for this area. Although this brief session is not intended to be a thorough identification of all issues, it can be very helpful. (30 minutes)

Comprehensive QRA Nutrition Testing Only

Your practitioner will conduct a nutrition-based QRA analysis which tests key organ and gland points and analyzes your specific individual nutritional deficiencies. Based on this, you will receive a personalized nutritional program featuring state-of-the-art nutritional products. (60 minutes)

Nutritional Consultation (No Testing)

Your practitioner will discuss your specific nutritional needs and analyze your specific nutritional deficiencies. You may wish to focus on only one or two specific health areas, such as digestive health, bone and joint health or immune health. Your practitioner will give you specific nutritional and dietary recommendations. This session may take place in person or on the phone. (30 to 60 minutes)

IF Testing Only

Your practitioner will use specialized QRA techniques to precisely identify blockages (called interference fields or IFs) that are creating stagnation in the flow of energy through the body’s meridians. Your practitioner will create a custom-designed program with specific recommendations to clear these blockages, using various techniques which may include cation mud packing, castor oil packing and other body-applied techniques. (60 minutes)

Emotional Repolarization Technique (ERT)

ERT is an effective method of finding and clearing blocked organ/gland points associated with negative emotional responses. Using precision QRA kinesiology techniques, your practitioner will identify and assist you in emotionally processing personal concepts or stress events that may be subconsciously holding you back from your best success in life. Your practitioner will also select and test your “emotional IQ” for key life concepts such as wealth, business success, prosperity, attracting a life partner and other concepts. (60 minutes)

Diet and Food Preparation Consultation

During this session, your nutritional counselor will analyze your individual dietary needs and make specific personalized food and food preparation recommendations. Although this brief session is not intended to be a thorough analysis of all your dietary needs, it can be invaluable in getting you started on creating your daily and weekly dietary plan. (30 to 60 minutes)